Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the registration mandatory for uploading any file?
Yes, the registration is mandatory with mandate fields.
How do I register myself to the
Please click on Account on top right side of the HOME page & click on sign up button at the bottom of drop down.
Is the Email ID mandatory while doing the SMR registration?
Yes, valid Email ID is mandatory to the confirmation, and the Password will be sent to your respective Email ID.
Do I have to pay any subscription charges for the SMR registration?
No, there is no subscription charges for any registration.
I have forgotten my password?
Please click on the forgot password link, the new password will be sent to your registered email ID.
I'm unable to upload the file?
If you are already registered, then check the file type to upload with the formats of (Mp3, AAA, WPS). Only 5 MB file can be uploaded.
Is there any time limit of the Video file in which I can upload?
Currently there is no limit to Upload the Video file.
The page is not opening properly.
Kindly check your internet connections, and browser settings.
Can I like the Video without registration?
Videos cannot be liked without the registration.
Do I have the copyright on the Videos which I upload on your site?
Yes, you will have the copyright to the uploaded video.
Will my video be flashed as soon as I post it on your site?
Video posting will be done post auditing.
Can I Download any Video File?
No, currently this option is not available.
How do I see my video statistics?
Login to your ID will display all your comments, likes, dislikes, & Rank.
How do I know my video is not copied (copyright) ?
The download option on the videos is not available for other any users.