1. Our Commitment
We respect your Privacy and this document presents the Privacy Policy followed by the website www.seemyreels.com. This policy forms part of the detailed terms under which a user can use the services of the website and may be modified by us from time to time which you are required to verify periodically.

Your use of the website is deemed as a consent for the policies mentioned here in under which your personal information is collected and processed by us.

3.Information Collected
(a) When any user visits the website www.Seemyreels.com certain technical information about the user is identified and in some cases recorded by us in order to assist in the administration and for the enhancement of the user experience. Such information includes.
i.The Browser used by the user
ii.The different pages visited by the user on the website
iii.Video files downloaded and uploaded

(b) When you register as a member of the services offered by the website:
i.Personal information provided for registration such as Name, Address, Phone number, E Mail address etc.
ii.Email address provided through Facebook or Google when registered through them. Though Facebook and Google enable us to get more information Seemyreels does not access or use such information. In case of any change around the information that we use from the Social Networking sites, we will inform the users by email and also provide the details on the website.
iii.Any other information that may be required to be collected under the prevailing law in force in India.
We use session cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our site. However we do not store any personally identifiable information in cookies. The session cookie expires when you close your browser.

4.How the Information is used
i)When a member registers through the social networking sites, personal information available with such social networking site may become accessible to us. However such information is used only to the extent of identifying the member.
ii) Any information collected by the website is shared within the Company on a need to know basis.
iii)Information collected may be shared with law enforcement agencies as per the provisions of law prevailing in India.

5.How the Information is Secured
i)The Company adopts reasonable security practices to ensure security of the personal information collected from the user and to prevent unauthorized access, modification or deletion.
ii)We have taken reasonable precautions to prevent any malicious codes on the website. However users are requested to use discretion before clicking on any hyper link on the website and ensure that they donot represent any disguised misdirection or lead to any malicious sites.
iii) Sensitive personal information collected from the users such as the Password of the user is stored in suitable encrypted/hashed form.
iv)The company will periodically assess the risks around user registration and passwords and based on the risks increase the security measures and practices, especially around account lock outs, passwords, and additional authentication mechanisms
v)The company will also identify potential breaches of security and log a security event which will be monitored and closed by the Chief Information Security Officer.

6.Transfer of Information :
The personal information collected from the users is not transferred to any agency unless such agency is also contractually bound to follow adequate security standards as required under Indian law.

7.Retention of Information.
Personal information collected from the users is retained in a secure manner for a reasonable period as long as the information is required to be retained as per the requirements under Indian law.

8.External Links
This privacy policy is limited to the information collected us while the user uses the website. The website may however contain links to other websites. Such sites may have their own privacy policies and users are required to peruse and take note of such policies.

9.Grievance Redressal
Following is the grievance redressal officer who will receive complaints if any and redress the grievance of users as per a structured grievance redressal policy adopted by the website
Sri N. Vijaya Shankar
E Mail: info@seemyreels.com